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Seating / Chairs > Office/Task Chairs

Office/Task Chairs

Aero Flex Adj Arms
Aero Flex Ring Arm Chair
Alpha 3 Lever Task Chair
ALPHA Logic Task Chair
APOLLO Task Arm Chair
APOLLO Task Chair
Atlas 160
Centaur H/B 3L Chair
Comet H/B 2L Royale Chair
Comet H/B Deluxe 3 L Chair
Comet H/B Deluxe Chair
Comet H/B Op 2L H/Arms
Comet H/B Op 3L H/Arms
Comet H/B Op 3L No Arms
Comet H/B Op MDF 3L H/Arms
Comet H/B Royale 3 L
Comet H/B Typist Chair
Comet High Back 2L Chair
Comet Medium Back 2L Chair
Comet Medium Back Deluxe 2L Chair
Comet Medium Back 3L Chair
Comet Medium Back Op 3L Chair
Compass Leather Chair
Corella 1000 Chair
Corella 4000 Chair
Corella 5000 Chair
Corella 7000 Chair
Cyber Multi PCA Chair
Dallas Task Chair
Delta Manual High Back Task Chair
Delta Plus Comfort Duo High Back
Delta Plus Comfort Duo High Back
Delta Plus High Back 3L Chair
Delta Plus High Back 3L Chair with Arms
Enterprise High Back Chair
Epron Medium Back 3L Chair
Ergo Max
Ergopedic Office Chair
Imperio Low Back Chair
Imperio Managerial Chair
Imperio Managerial Chair with Arms
Lincoln Chair
Lincoln Chair with Arms
Mercury Medium Back 3L Chair
Neptune Medium Back Chair
Olympic Typist Chair
P350H Task Chair
Prestige Chair
Retro Multi PCA Chair
Retro Task Ergo Chair
Rexa Comfort Duo High Back Chair
Rexa High Back 3L Chair
Rexa Medium Back 3L Chair
Sabina Typist Chair
Sabina Typist Chair with Arms
Safari Task Arm Chair
Safari Task Chair
Syntech1 Office Chair
Syntech2 Managers Chair
Task Chair
Team Air, Task
Tulip Medium Back 3L Chair
Varsity Task Chair
Vesta Task Chair
Voyager Task Chair
Zen Admin Mould Arm/BaseChair